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Software to professionally
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ParkManager is the complete solution to help you professionally manage your park.
Today, more than ever before, managers and owners of park communities are turning to technology to streamline their operations, provide information for better decisions, improve customer service and be more profitable.

Organize all park information in one place Automatic metered billing for all utilities
ParkManager brings together all park information into one place for easy access. All resident data such as billing and payment history, documents, pictures, reservations and work orders can be accessed from one screen. Create complete and accurate billing for all metered utilities, including water, electricity and gas. Make collecting the readings faster and easier with a smart phone or iPad.
Real-time profit and loss information for your park Get paid faster
Use ParkManager Accounting to pay bills and process payroll. It integrates fully with ParkManager to produce financial statements that are always up to date and immediately available. No more transferring and balancing accounts between two programs. Get paid more quickly using automatic ACH bank drafts and recurring credit card payments. ParkManager updates the resident account as it receives payments for deposit. Residents can check their balance and pay online through a Customer Portal.
Connect with everyone Eliminate IT headaches
ParkManager connects owners, managers and employees from anywhere, on any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets and phones. Each can get the information and reports they need, when they need it. Connect your accountant to help with tax preparation. Connect your residents to check their accounts, make a payment and submit service requests. ParkMmanager, with its state of the art cloud technology, eliminates all software on your computer. Parkmanager also eliminates the headaches that go along with software on your computer. We take care of it all, backups, updates, upgrades and security, leaving you to focus on managing your park.

ParkManager is your new park headquarters
Not all parks have the same needs, so that is why we gave ParkManager the power and flexibility to work with any park. Start with billing rents and fees, printing statements and taking payments. Then select your unique requirements, such as Metered Billing or Reservations.

The basics, done brilliantly
ParkManager is the perfect tool to help you get results with less time and effort. Increase productivity by organizing and streamlining billing, collections and resident management.
Real time accounting
The full featured ParkManager Accounting provides you with accurate, up-to-date reports, like Profit and Loss, to let your park know where its stands, all at the touch of a button.
Learn more about ParkManager >> Learn more about real time accounting >>
Automatic metered billing
Accurate metered billing for water, sewer, electricity and natural gas. Take readings on paper or iPad, check the readings and bill automatically from ParkManager.
Faster receipt of payments
ParkManager Payment Processing provides immediate payment authorization, to check the validity of the card or check, and deposits payments directly into your bank account.
Learn more about Metered Billing >> Learn more about ParkManager integrated payments >>
RV reservations
Book reservations for RV spaces, cabins or mobile homes. Take deposits, reserve spaces and take the final payment at check-in or check-out.
Powerful and expandable
ParkManager has the features, power and capacity to handle any size park. ParkManager will expand as needed to grow with your park as it grows.
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`As Lakeshore Park is one of several companies I do the bookkeeping for, I`m often off site. The ability to work remotely has been really helpful.` Denise Johnson

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