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ParkManager Accounting for the simplest way to get real-time financial results for your park.
ParkManager Accounting provides you with accurate, up-to-date reports to let you know where you stand, all at the touch of a button.

Provides financial results in one place.
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
Financial reports are available for a real-time overview of income and expenses Balance Sheet reports show your bank balances along with the assets and liabilities of your business
Monthly Income and Expense reports show the profit or loss for the month Individual GL accounts can be printed for any period and list the transaction detail for that account
Annual Income and Expense reports show the profit or loss month by month for the year. These reports help spot yearly trends in revenue and expenses View, work, and report in multiple years
Financial reports for helping with bank financing, establishing park value for selling the park

ParkManager Accounting automatically obtains transactions from the complete system, simplifying your world
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
Profit and Loss reports are updated whenever you enter new sales and payment information so they are always up to date and accurate Create financial reports that simplify tax reporting
Drill down to transaction detail for additional information Comply with the `Generally Accepted Accounting Practice` standard using a conventional accounting setup with built-in audit trails
Includes bank reconciliation for cross-checking transactions

Powerful Payables
Organize your resident information in one place in the ParkManager for easy access.
Add Vendors easily, at any time Print multiple payments automatically with computer checks
Capability of producing a single check and manual checks Unlimited vendor history across fiscal years
Reports include Accounts Payable Aging Reports, applied payment reports and vendor listings All reports can be previewed and exported to spreadsheet and PDF files

Fast and easy payroll
ParkManager Payroll module allows you to setup a simple payroll system or payroll with complex payments and multiple deductions.
Easy setup of employee records, including unlimited types of user-defined earnings, hours, pay codes and benefit/deductions. Creates reports of state and federal payroll tax totals
Automatically tracks accrued vacation time earned and spent by each employee Automatically tracks accrued sick leave time earned and spent by each employee
Handles expense reimbursement processing Unlimited employee notes
Prints system-generated W2 and 1099 forms Tracks information for employees working in multiple positions

`I really like how I can see my sales reports daily, monthly, annually from anywhere. It`s really convenient and setup was easy. I wanted to do something that was convenient for my residents and for me ... ParkManager just works for me.` Jessica Coover, Verde Shores Estates

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