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Moving Residents out of ParkManager.
Use the Move-Out Wizard to make residents inactive
while preserving their rent history and payment information.
June 20, 2019

Use the easy Move-Out Wizard.
The Move-Out Wizard makes it easy to move out a resident quickly. The Move-Out Wizard takes care of all the steps you need to do to remove a resident from the ParkManager system from one screen.

Simply start at the top by selecting a unit or space address and follow the buttons down the right side of the screen. Skip over any buttons with actions that do not apply to that resident or tenant.
The buttons will:
Perform all the final actions needed to close the resident`s account like entering final bills, applying credits, taking payments and refunding deposits.

Removes the resident from their Unit address, and makes the address vacant so it can be rented. The vacant unit will show up on the Occupancy Reports.

Moves the resident`s account from the Active list to the Inactive list.

If you have utilities, it allows you to enter the final meter readings and then take the resident off the meter. The meter can then be used by a new resident for billing.
Make Residents Inactive.
Use the Move-Out Wizard to make residents inactivewhile preserving their rent history and payment information.
Make Residents inactive from one easy-to-use screen.
The benefit of making a resident Inactive, instead of actually deleting the resident account, is that it preserves the resident`s payment and billing information in reports for future reference. The last button on the Move-Out Wizard takes the resident off the Unit address and makes them inactive.

Inactive residents are moved to the Inactive resident list, where the rent billing and payment information is easily accessed for future reference.

Inactive residents can still make payments on their account or have the balance written off as a bad debt.

Inactive residents can easily be made active again if they return to the park.
Find out more.
We make it easy to find out more about how to use the Move-Out Wizard.
Watch our short video about the Move-Out Wizard.
Watching the video is as simple as clicking on the video at the link below. Click on the link below, then click on the video and it will play automatically. The video lasts less than 2 minutes.
Read the chapter in the ParkManager Manual.
The Manual is found at the bottom of the main menu in ParkManager. There is a chapter on using the Move-Out Wizard that takes you button by button down the wizard screen.
Call us at (541) 924-2499.We would be glad to help you to move customers out of the system and answer any questions you might have about using the wizard.

For sales or support call
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