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Fund Accounting made easy.
Simplify your financial operations with a true fund accounting system
for utilities and local governments.
May 14, 2019

ABS Fund Accounting adds Accounts Payable, Payroll, Bank Reconcile, Budget and General Ledger to Utility Billing.
All transactions are shared throughout the system and transfer into Fund Accounting for real-time financial reports.
Funds are separate, balanced across funds, and can be used on an accrual or cash basis.
Simplify billing, paying bills and issuing paychecks with easy to use programs that share data quickly and accurately.
Save time and prevent mistakes by using programs designed to work together seamlessly.

Integrated Fund Accounting saves money.
Save money with a reasonably priced, full featured
Fund Accounting system that includes payroll.

Minimize the number of companies you work with and lower the cost of software licenses and computer hardware.
Save the cost of keeping your data safe: ABS includes encrypted software, security scans and automatic daily backups.
Lower training time and simplify moving between programs with easy to use software modules that all work the same way.
Save money with financial reports that help with audits and tax preparation by your CPA.

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