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August 31, 2019

Why use Estimated Meter Readings.
Use `Estimated Readings` when you can`t read all the meters.
You can bill your customers even if you can`t read meters.
Use the Estimated Readings feature on the Meter Sheet to add readings when reading meters is temporarily impossible or weather prevents the meters from been read.
  • Snow and ice prevent reading the meters during winter months.
  • Flooding covers a meter or parts of a route.
  • The person responsible for reading the meters is sick or incapacitated.
Easily estimate meter readings..
Using the `Estimated Readings` button is simple.
Quickly add Estimated Readings for all or part of a route.
Easily add Estimated Readings for all or part of a route. The Estimate Readings feature will fill out the `blank` spaces for meters on the route that could not be read normally.
  • Estimate all the meters on a route with a fixed amount or an amount based upon last month`s usage.
  • Estimate one meter that can`t be read as usual.
  • Fill in the blanks for meters where the reading was skipped because of conditions in the field. This is especially valuable if you can read parts of the route but can`t get every meter.

How to estimate readings.
Use the `Estimate All Meters` button to add readings to the
whole route or fill in the blanks on unread meters.
Open the current Meter Sheet.
Use the `Estimate All Meters` button to add estimated readings to all the meters, or a portion of the meters, on the Meter Sheet.
    1. Click on the `Estimate All Meters` button on the Meter Sheet menu.

    2. Choose a Range:
      A. `All` will fill out all the Current Readings fields with the amount you estimate.
      B. `Blank` will fill out ONLY the Current Readings fields left blank after entering readings.

    3. Choose a Mode:
      A. `Previous` calculates an Estimated Reading based upon the last month`s usage. It adds that amount to the Previous Reading on each meter to get an estimated usage.
      B. `Fixed` calculates an Estimated Reading based upon a fixed amount you enter. For example, if your average usage seems to be around 2,000 gallons, you would use that for the Fixed Amount which is applied to every meter.

    4. `Fixed Usage`: If you chose `Fixed` as the Mode, enter the fixed amount for the estimated usage in this field, otherwise leave it blank.

    5. Next use the `Apply All` button on the left to calculate the estimated usages for the meters. Let the program calculate: it will tell you when the process is complete. Then Close back to the Meter Sheet.

    6. The Meter Sheet will show which current readings were estimated in the `Current Estimated` column.
If you want to estimate a reading for a single meter, you can do that while billing manually. Enter the estimated reading in the `Current Reading` field and then check the `Current Estimated` box below the reading. This will indicate the reading was estimated on the Meter and the Customer account.
Find out more.
We make it easy to find out more about how to use
the Estimated Readings button.

Watch our short video about using Estimated Readings.
Watching the video is as simple as clicking on the video above. Click on the arrow on the video and it will play automatically. The video lasts less than 2 minutes.

Call us at (541) 924-2499.
We would be glad answer any questions you have about using Estimated Readings, or any other part of the Meter Reading system.

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