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July 17, 2019

New improved ABS Meter Reader Tablet.
The new ABS Meter Reader Tablet is easier to use,
designed for rural areas and has a lower price.
The new ABS Meter Reader Tablet is simpler to use.
Meter Sheets are more easily transferred to and from the Tablet using a standard office Wi-Fi connection. Meter readings can be entered easily in the field using the large keys on the display. Once uploaded, the readings can be checked and billed automatically.
Designed for rural areas.
Readings are stored in the Tablet and uploaded to the
ABS Utility Billing program for billing.

Use the Tablet to collect and store readings from the field.
The new Tablet does not require a cellular data connection in the field to use. The Meter Sheets are transferred to the Tablet for reading using your standard office Wi-Fi connection. The readings are taken and stored for upload when you return to the office. The transfer is done easily with the push of a button.

New lower pricing.
The new ABS Meter Reader Tablet package is
affordable for any size system.

The new Tablet package is $495 with a monthly maintenance fee of $29.
The ABS Meter Reader Tablet package includes a Sansung Android 8 inch Tablet, an Otter Box rugged protective case and ABS Meter Reader software. The tablet comes pre-loaded with the meter reading software so it is ready to go.
Replaces the ScanPal unit.
The ABS Meter Reader Tablet package includes a
Samsung Android tablet and an Otter Box protective case.

The Meter Reader Tablet is easier to use than the ScanPal unit.
The ABS Meter Reader Tablet works like the ScanPal to collect readings in the field. Its advantages are a larger display and the use of Wi-Fi for even easier transfers to and from Utility Billing.
New Samsung Android 8 inch Tablet Features
  • Display Size (inches): 8.0` IPS Full HD display
  • Display Resolution (pixels): 1920 x 1200, 283 ppi
  • Battery Capacity: 4,800 mAh (non-removable)
  • Batter Use Time (hours): Up to 14 hours
  • Battery Standby Time (days): Up to 20 days
  • Size (inches): 8.30 x 4.88 x 0.31
  • Weight (ounces): 10.9
  • New Otter Box Rugged Case Features.
  • Provides protection against the elements to extend the life of the device.
  • Weather proof to withstand extreme environmental conditions like dust, sand and temperature changes
  • Water resistant to withstand blown rain, fog, humidity, shock, vibration and other working conditions
  • Withstands a 6.6 drop to concrete: MIL-STD-810F
  • .

    Find out more.
    We make it easy to find out more about how to use the Move-Out Wizard.

    Watch our short video about the ABS Meter Reader Tablet.
    Watching the video is as simple as clicking on the video at the link below. Click on the link below, then click on the video and it will play automatically. The video lasts less than 2 minutes.

    Call us at (541) 924-2499.
    We would be glad answer any questions you might have about using the ABS Meter Reader Tablet, adding the Tablet to your system or replacing the ScanPal unit with a Tablet.

    For sales or support call
    (541) 924-2499
    or email us at
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