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September 15, 2019
Take reservations quickly and easily.
ParkManager Reservations smoothly handles
reservation requests, check-ins and check-outs.
Book Reservations from one simple screen.
Book units or spaces, charge rents and fees, take payments and send a confirmation or receipt following the easy steps on the Check-In wizard.
  • From one screen, the Check-in Wizard assigns the guest to a space, receives payments and deposits, and connects utilities to the account.

  • Available spaces or units are displayed on your choice of a calendar view, reservation list or color-coded map.

  • ParkManager searches for defined spaces or specific unit types that available for the duration of the guest`s visit.

  • Look up by reservation number, guest name or dates to enter any additional charges and payments during their stay.

  • Check-out Wizard computes the final charges, takes payments, disconnects utilities, and prints a final statement.
Fully integrates with ParkManager.
Reservations integrates with ParkManager for payments,
reservation history, billing for utilities and reports.
ParkManager maintains reservation, billing and payment history.
ParkManager contains a complete set of Reservation history, charges, revenue and payment reports that can be exported to Excel.
  • The payment system is integrated with ParkManager Credit Card processing to verify the reservation payments, collect and deposit them directly into the park`s bank account.

  • Returning customers making reservations are stored in ParkManager, providing you with a complete history of their past visits.

  • Reservations integrates with ParkManager Metered Billing, allowing you to bill for water, gas and electric utilities.

  • Integrates with ParkManager Accounting or QuickBooks, for up-to-date financial statements showing income and expenses for the entire park.
Reserve online 24 hours a day.
Guests can make reservations 24 hours a day using a
ParkManager Website along with Reservations.
Guests can book a reservation through a ParkManager Website.
Guests can go online to a ParkManager website, select a space, make a reservation and pay the deposit by filling out simple screens.
  • ParkManager Reservations, using a ParkManager Website, can take reservations for RV spaces online 24 hours a day.

  • Travelers enter their arrival and departure dates to see a color-coded map of the property with the available spaces highlighted.

  • By selecting an available space, travelers can enter their personal information and make a deposit on the space with a credit card.

  • The credit card is verified and authorized for the full amount of the Reservation. Any deposit is subtracted from the balance at the time of the final payment at the park.

  • The full payment amount is usually processed upon arrival or departure but adjustments can be made to the reservation at any time.
Find out more.
We make it easy to find out more about
ParkManager Reservations and ParkManager Websites.
Watch our short videos about Reservations and Park Websites.
Watching the video is as simple as clicking on the video at the link below. Click on the link below, then click on the video and it will play automatically. The video lasts less than 2 minutes.

Visit the ParkManager website at
Look through the pages on our ParkManager website for more information and additional videos on all the features of the ParkManager system.

Read the chapters in the ParkManager Manual.
The Manual is found at the bottom of the main menu in ParkManager. There are chapters on using the Reservation system, and how it works with ParkManager Websites and ParkManager Accounting.
Call us at (541) 924-2499. We would be happy to show you more about the Reservation system and ParkManager websites, and answer any questions you might have.

For sales or support call
(541) 924-2499
or email us at
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