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Expansion Options
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Expand Your ParkManager system to meet your requirements
These options expand your system by adding functions directly within the ParkManager system, making operation seamless.

ACH Auto Bill Pay Drafts Payments Automatically from Customer`s Bank Account

ACH Auto Bill Pay drafts payments from customers` bank accounts to the park`s bank account at high-speed, automatically. ACH Auto Bill Pay is the easiest, fastest way to receive payments.

Customers `set-and-forget`, never risking late fees or disconnection.

ACH payments are automatically posted to the customer`s ParkManager account.

ACH payment amount is customer`s exact up-to-date account balance, unlike generic payment systems.

ACH payments are automatically forwarded for deposit to the park`s bank account, usually in 2 days.
Offer customers an ACH convenience fee of $0.39 per transaction - less than the price of the stamp to mail a check. Customer ACH convenience fee recovers the ACH processing fee - the result - no net cost to the park for ACH processing fee

ParkManager printed and email statements clearly reflect ACH payment made to customer`s account. Consistent ACH processing fee for drafts. A fee that`s fair and won`t change - $0.39 per transaction.

Work Orders Simplifies Park Maintenance

Easily manage the maintenance of your park. Completely integrated within the ParkManager system for easy, quick dispatch of work orders.

Increase Revenue by Billing for Services
Increase revenue by efficiently scheduling and managing services such as repairs and installations. Invoices can be created directly from any Work Order for billable services.
Decrease Losses and Equipment Failure
More efficient management of urgent maintenance tasks help keep losses and damages at a minimum. Regular periodic maintenance keeps equipment failures low. Losses from old and worn equipment can be reduced by tracking the areas where repair is most needed.
Automatically Maintain Service History
Service history is automatically built from the Work Orders and maintenance notes. Create a complete history without typing in lengthy service records. Easy access to unlimited service and maintenance history.
Instant Access to All Your Maintenance Data
Work Orders provides instant access to meter records and unlimited access to the maintenace history and notes. The maintenance history can be printed or viewed in full detail. Maintenance history and billing account information can also be accessed through the ParkManager customer account.
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ParkManager Reservations streamlines booking all types of reservations.
ParkManager Reservations gives your staff a complete system for booking reservations for units and RV spaces.

Available spaces or units are displayed on your choice of a calendar view, reservation list or color-coded map.

Check-in Wizard assigns the guest to a space, receives payments and deposits, and connects utilities to the account.

ParkManager searches for defined spaces or specific unit types that available for the duration of the guest`s visit.

Check-out Wizard computes final charges, takes payments, disconnects utilities, and prints a final statement.

Book units or spaces, charge rents and fees and take payments in one easy step. Print or email a confirmation to the guest. Look up by reservation number, guest name or dates to enter any additional charges and payments during their stay.

`I love working with ParkManager. It has been an amazingly good experience. They represent us well and thoughtfully to our customers who pay their bills online with the ABS Payments Portal.` Courtney Ohmsford, Stoneman Lake MHP

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Includes first 100 customers.
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