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ParkManager RV Reservations for complete scheduling and billing
ParkManager Reservations gives your staff a complete system for booking reservations for RV spaces or units.

Enable your staff to take reservations easily and quickly.
ParkManager Reservations streamlines the reservation process, letting your staff smoothly handle reservation requests, check-ins and check-outs.
Enter the arrival and departure days of the reservation, and ParkManager searches for spaces or units that available for the duration of the guest`s visit Available spaces or units are displayed on your choice of a list or a map.
Deposit Wizard for accepting credit card authorizations, credit card payments and check deposits. Check-in Wizard for processing any advance payments or deposit balances, assigning the customer to a space, and connecting any metered utilities to the customer`s account.
Check-out Wizard for computing final charges, applying payments and deposits, printing a final statement, and disconnecting any metered utilities. Reservations for your park are easily accessed by a variety of methods, including a schedule view that show reservations in a week-at-a-glance format, a map format, the shows reservations on a color-coded map, and a list view, where reservations can be searched using a variety of methods.
Prevent taking a reservation when the space or unit has already been booked by someone else. Eliminate over bookings, lost income and lost goodwill. Print or email the reservation for confirmation to the guest.
During check- out, you can add additional charges needed and then finalize the payment. Complete resident reports, export resident information to Excel

Reservations for Spaces, RVs and storage completely integrated with ParkManager resident accounts, payment methods and accounting system.
ParkManager Reservations integration with the entire ParkManager system makes operation convenient and consistent for easy operation.
Return customers making reservations are stored in the Resident Center, providing you will a complete history of their past visits. ParkManager Reservations share payment processing with the Customer Portal and Credit Card Processing, allowing you to take payments consistently and without additional setup.
ParkManager Reservations also integrates with Metered Billing, allowing you to bill for metered water, gas and electric utilities. ParkManager Reservations integrates with ParkManager Accounting, allowing you to always obtain up-to-date financial statements that show the performance of your entire park, including RV revenue and costs.

Take reservations over the web 24 hours a day.
This online reservation system takes reservation 24 hours a day from travelers all over the country.
Your ParkManager Website can, with the optional Reservation system, take reservations for RV spaces over the web. RVers can enter their arrival and departure dates and see a list of available spaces for those dates. They can see a map of your property with the available spaces highlighted. From the map they can complete the reservation, including taking a deposit.

`ParkManager has got my back. They`ve got my back when it comes to collecting money. They`ve got my back when it comes to processing. And I don`t have to go back and double-check them. I`ve never had to worry.` Brandon Tollison, Sierra Village Mobile Home Park

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