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Work together as a team.
ParkManager connects staff, management and your CPA to improve access and share data instantly.
Real-time reporting
See how your business is tracking across your parks and employees from your mobile device.
World-class security
Process payments with industry-leading hardware and software that follow PCI standards.
ParkManager adapts and adjusts on the fly to the complexity of multiple parks and multiple employees.
Matt Greenberg, owner of Lakeshore Mobile Home Parks

Built for parks of every size.
ParkManager combines an enterprise-level cloud technology and sophisticated software products to run parks of every size. ParkManager`s all-in-one solution offers secure payment processing and state-of-the-art software.
Simplify your operations. Sophisticated reporting made simple.
A powerful suite of integrated software that contains all the tools you need to run a single park or multiple parks.

ParkManager provides real-time, accurate, and audit-proven reports. All data is stored in history for complete, detailed reports at any time. All reports can be exported to Excel for analysis. Drill down for detail by simply clicking on an item.
Work together as a team.
ParkManager connects owners, managers and employees from any location, on any device. Staff can entering billing, payments and reservations independently, at the same time. Owners and managers can sign in anytime to get the information and reports they need.

Data to inform your business decisions
Track sales, payments, and expenses across your parks by day, week, month, or year.

Manage multiple parks and employees
Take care of all your parks and employees on the fly with real-time access and employee permissions.

Eliminate unneeded keystrokes.
Enter data once and it is shared seamlessly throughout the system. Data flows quickly from reservations and meter readings in the field, to billing, email statements, web payments to real time financial reports.

Understand your residents
Analyze resident trends, and run email notifications in minutes.

Lower your total cost of ownership.
ParkManager helps you lower your cost of operation by keeping overhead low, using technology effectively, and working smart.

Start with clear, low pricing.
With ParkManager, there are no long-term contracts. You pay for only the size you need, and the options you select.

Software support included
Your organization depends on reliable operation. We provide constant support to your software so you don`t have to.
Starts at $295 for 100 units.
Pricing is based upon the number of units in the park. There is no additional charge for unlimited users, computers or locations. Expand the number of units and add features any time for as low as $95.

All updates, upgrades and backups included.
Every program is backed with software updates, software upgrades and regular backups. Updates and upgrades are delivered and installed automatically so you can always get the most out of your system.
Get some of the lowest total cost in the industry.
We work hard to offer solid, real value to our customers. We keep our own costs down by using technology effectively and by working smart. We past those savings along to our customers and they reward us with long-term relationships.

No on-site servers to buy or maintain.
Our technology does not require you to purchase or maintain expensive on-site servers, un-interruptable power sources or complex backup units. You can keep it simple with basic computers and a standard internet connection.
Premium support whenever you need it.
Parks, both large and small, have complex requirements. With ParkManager, you`ll have the dedicated support your park needs.

Ready to help with setup and training.
Our sales, implementation and support team will help you find ways to reduce your cost and improve your performance. We train you to use the features tailored to your specific needs.
Simplify the change to ParkManager.
Our ParkManager implementation experts can help setup data, train staff and help you get the most out of your system. They have the experience and automated software tools to get you setup smoothly.
ParkManager is a tool that ties everything together. It allows us to see the business holistically from anywhere.
Matt Greenberg, owner of Lakeshore Mobile Home Parks
`I can see everything from anywhere, anytime with ParkManager.
William Tavis, Tavis Crow Partnership
Let us help you grow your park.

Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your park`s needs.
We provide sales support for all for all prospective Parkmanager customers. Email us your questions and contact information and we will quickly get back to you with answers.
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