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Phone: (252) 247-3614
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The Beginning
In the Fall of 1966, I was working as a radar systems engineer for the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. My Father, Robert Wade had a small travel trailer parked at the old Morehead Ocean Pier where the present-day Sheraton Hotel is located. My Dad loved pier fishing and that was the main attraction on Bogue Island at that time. Well, he invited me down for a weekend of fishing and that was it. I fell in love with Bogue Banks and resolved to purchase some property there. We wanted to park our travel trailer on our property, but couldn`t do so on a residential lot. Since commercial property was available, we decided to proceed with that and provide lots for others to help pay the mortgage. We moved the first travel trailer customer onto the property in 1967, which is a story in itself, and the rest is history.

How the years have flown by! We celebrated our 50th year in 2017. Many of our current tenants were among our original customers. A big `thank you` to every family in our park, old and new! Your patronage has made us successful and committed to providing the best family court on the island for many more years to come.

-Ben Wade, General Manager/Owner
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