Shasta Forest Village MWC Phone: (530) 474-3458
      Committed to Providing Clean, Safe Water for All Our Residents  
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Phone: (530) 474-3458
Fax: (530) 474-3458
About Us
Our Staff
Our staff is committed to providing quality water and assisting our customers in a professional and efficient manner.
Our Board
Board members are residents or land owners in the District service area. These volunteers represent the customers and are required to oversee the services provided are the best standard possible for compliance with County, State and Federal regulations.

Current Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Board Members:
  • Guy Whitmer
  • Dennis Bebensee
  • Ray Gerhard
  • Larry Lauser

Current Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Officers:
  • Guy Whitmer, President
  • Larry Lauser, Vice President
  • Dennis Bebensee, Operations Manager
  • Ray Gerhard, Vice President of Operations,
  • Peggy Nichols, Secretary
  • Phil Carson, Treasurer
Our History
The Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Company is a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation dating back to July 22, 1969. The specific and primary purpose of this corporation shall be to develop, distribute, supply, and deliver water for irrigation and domestic use to its members. Every Owner of real property within the Service Area of the corporation is a Member of the Corporation.
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