Linden County Water District Phone: (209) 887-3216
      Committed to Providing Clean, Safe Water for All Our Residents  
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18243 E. Hwy 26
P.O. Box 595
Linden, CA 95236
Phone: (209) 887-3216
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Office Hours
If you would like to start / stop service, make a payment or if you just have a question, you can stop by our office at 18243 E. Hwy 26 in Linden. Due to construction, current office hours are 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please use caution when entering our lot and utilize the payment drop box at the Linden-Peters Fire Department whenever possible.
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Business Phone: (209) 887-3216
Emergency Phone: (209) 887-3216
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