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18243 E. Hwy 26
P.O. Box 595
Linden, CA 95236
Phone: (209) 887-3216
Fax: (209) 887-3972
Information about the 2020 Rate Study: Linden County Water District is currently developing a cost of service study for water and wastewater services. The last rate study was completed in 2015, at which time, the Board adopted two ordinances that set rates for water and wastewater for a 5-year period. The current rate structure has been in place since June 2015 with the last increase in July 2019. The District`s primary income source comes from monthly water and sewer service fees, which are used to fund the overall operations and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems as well as rehabilitation and improvement of the District`s water and wastewater infrastructure. The objectives of the current rate study are to identify budget deficiencies, identify and prioritize future capital improvement projects, ensure revenue sufficiency in the future, and demonstrate compliance with California law for rate-setting. The study will analyze several cost options and rate design scenarios that meet California`s legal requirements for rate-setting while taking into account the unique needs of the District and its customers. LCWD welcomes an open dialogue with its customers and as such, will schedule workshops in summer 2020. The workshops will allow customers to hear about the rate scenarios being considered, learn about future capital improvement projects, and provide their feedback. Information will be updated to this page as the process continues. Questions? Please email and one of our team members will get back to you.
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