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Meter Reading
STEP 1 Locate your meter box, generally found towards the front of a property, near the street. The box is typically in a direct line with the main outside faucet. It is housed in a green plastic box. Remove the lid by using a tool such as a large screwdriver. Insert the tool into one of the holes and pry the lid off.
STEP 2 Once you open the meter box lid, lift the protective cap on the meter. On the face of the meter, there is a large dial and a display of numbers. For the residential meter, each rotation of the dial measures 7.48 gallons. Read the number display from left to right. Be sure to include the stationary zero. This is your meter reading. Meters measure water in gallons or cubic feet. Charges for the amount of water consumed are rounded to the nearest thousand gallons or hundred cubic feet used during a billing period. Compare that reading to what your bill states as your current or present reading.
STEP 3 Keep in mind that you might be checking your meter on a date different from the one used for billing. This could result in a difference in the amount you find, compared with the amount on which your bill is based. However, if your reading is considerably higher than what is on your bill, check for a leak or try to determine the source of large water use. If your reading is significantly lower than the reading on your bill, please contact us and let us assist you in determining the problem.
Winterize Your Pipes
Water pipes freezing alert ~ any time there are BELOW FREEZING TEMPERATURES your pipes may be affected. Frozen pipes will affect the water supply.

STANDARD PRECAUTIONS to consider to try to prevent or avoid this from happening are wrapping exposed plumbing such as hose bibs and pipes and possibly leave exposed hose bibs trickling (a small trickle) - which isn`t ideal, but trickling water is much harder to freeze and can help.

Unfortunately, these issues are not something Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Company can assist with.

Once the pipes are frozen, and if you can locate the affected area, you can open the faucet and slowly apply heat using a hair dryer until full water pressure is restored. If you are unable to locate the frozen area, if the frozen area is not accessible, or if you can not thaw the pipe, call a licensed plumber.

1. Turn on the faucet. Keep it running.

2. Apply heat to the frozen area. Slowly apply heat using a hair dryer.

3. Continue to apply heat. Don`t stop heating until full water pressure is restored.

4. Check all faucets and prevent pipes from freezing in the future.
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