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How to Transfer Existing Service or Request New Service Connection
Transfer of Existing Service
Water service and payment responsibility transfers with ownership of the property. The transfer will become effective at the close of escrow and new ownership is confirmed, and the fully executed document from the escrow company is received.

Water service to renters may be paid by the renter, or by the owner. The owner is ultimately responsible for all water charges in case of delinquency on the part of the renter.

Deposit from new home buyer and/or new renter, unless the homeowner will pay water bill for new tenant, is $100.00. The deposit will be returned to the home buyer after one year in good standing. The tenant`s deposit will be returned to tenant when rental is vacated providing account is current.

Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Company does final readings, final bills or partial month billings. Please contact our office and we will be happy to provide a current statement of the account at time of sale or transfer of tenant.
New Service Installation
Water service is available to all lots in Shasta Forest Village, all properties must be connected to and supplied by the public water when service is needed.

To request a new service connection, and to have a meter placed by Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Company, please complete the Water Service Agreement. Once completed, please return with payment in full in the amount of $600.00, made payable to Shasta Forest Village Mutual Water Company, Inc.

Service hook-up with meter placement will be scheduled as soon as all properly executed documents are received, and funds have cleared.
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