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ABS Utility Billing
Software to professionally
manage your utility.
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Professionally manage your water, gas or electric utility with ABS Utility Billing.
ABS Utility Billing combines an enterprise-level cloud technology and sophisticated software products to run utilities of every size.

Streamline your operations. Respond to modern demands.
A powerful suite of integrated software that contains all the tools you need to run a complex organization. ABS Utility Billing provides state-of-the-art technology to respond to new and changing requirements and customer requests.
Shared data flows seamlessly throughout. Provides web self-service to customers.
ABS Utility Billing flows data from meter readings in the field, to billing, email statements, web payments to real time financial reports. Enter data once and it is shared seamlessly, automatically, accurately and with lightening speed throughout the system. Utility Customers increasingly want answers 24 hours a day using the web. ABS responds with full account history, the ability to submit service requests, and signup for automatic bill payment. Its a win for the utility as well, off-loading your staff from routine requests.
Consistent software design simplifies operations. Provides advanced payment processing.
ABS Utility Billing and all of its supporting software provides your employees with clean, simple and consistent operation to make everyday use intuitive and natural. Eliminate confusing patchworks of software from different vendors. Utility customers want the convenience of paying their bill using credit cards, either online, by phone, or at the counter. ABS offers both single payments and automatic monthly payments with no net cost to the utility. Operation is automated, decreasing your daily workload.
Tools for all your employees. Sophisticated reporting made simple.
ABS Utility Billing is a complete solution for your entire organization. From field staff to your board, ABS provides the information they need to be effective. Access from anywhere on any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets and phones. ABS Utility Billing, provides real-time, accurate, audit-proven reporting. All data is stored in history for complete detailed reporting at any time. Export all reports to Excel for analysis. Drill down for detail by simply clicking on an item.
Lower your total cost of ownership.
If you`re switching your accounting system or opening new locations, our team may be able to help you lower your total cost of ownership.

Clear, low pricing. Software support included.
With ABS Utility Billing, there are no long-term contracts. You pay for only the size you need, and the options you select. Your organization depends on reliable, dependable operation. That`s why we continue to support your software - so you don`t have to.
Starts at $295 for 100 customers. All updates, upgrades and backups included.
Pricing is based on the number of customers you serve. There is no additional charge for unlimited users, computers or locations. Expand your customer base and add features at any time for as low as $95. Every ABS product is backed with software updates, software upgrades and backups. Updates and upgrades are delivered and installed automatically so that you can always get the most out of your system.
Get some of the lowest total cost in the industry. No on-site servers to buy or maintain.
We work hard to offer solid, real value to our customers. We keep our own costs down by using technology effectively and by working smart. We pass those savings along to our customers, and they reward us with long-term relationships. Our technology does not require you to purchase or maintain expensive on-site servers, un-interruptable power supplies or complex backup units. You can keep it simple with basic computers and a standard internet connection.
Premium support whenever you need it.
Utilities, both large and small, have complex requirements. With ABS, you`ll have access to the dedicated support your utility needs.

Ready to help with setup and training. Simplify the change to ABS.
Our sales, implementation and support team will help you find ways to reduce your cost and improve your performance. We train you to use the features tailored to your specific needs. Our ABS implementation experts can help setup data, train staff and help get the most out of your system. The have the experience and automated software tools to get you setup smoothly.
ABS Utility Billing is your new
office headquarters.
Not all utilities have the same needs, so ABS Utility Billing has the power and flexibility to work with any utility.

Utility Billing done simply.
Includes a Customer Center, billing for usages, fees, assessments. letter, postcard and email statements, payments by cash, check, ACH and credit card, late fees and notices, and a complete set of reports.
Payment Processing.
A complete, integrated, turn-key solution for providing customer service and taking credit card and debit card payments directly from customers online, 24 hours a day.
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Automatic Metered Billing.
Bill for water, sewer, electricity and natural gas. Take readings with Smart Reader in the field, then check the readings and bill automatically from ABS Utility Billing.
True Fund Accounting.
ABS Fund Accounting provides you with accurate, real-time and up-to-date financial statements to let you know where you stand, all at the touch of a button.
Learn more about Metered Billing >> Learn more about real time accounting >>

`As Lakeshore Water Utilities is one of two companies I do the billing for,
I`m often off-site. The ability to work remotely has been really helpful.`
- Denise Johnson, Lakeside Water Utilities

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